Benefits of Walking

Jun 11, 2024

Benefits of Walking:

Are you hitting 10,000 steps a day? Walking has many benefits for you physically and mentally, including building strength, improving memory and relieving symptoms of anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits:

  • Boost your energy levels – Getting your steps in can give you more of an energy boost than caffeine. Walking increases your heart rate, improving the blood flow and can lower blood pressure. The increase of endorphins and oxygen in your body will give you that extra bit of energy.
  • Ease joint pain – Regular walks can relieve pain you may be feeling in the joints and prevent further issues occurring. While moving your body synovial fluid is released which lubricates your joints, making sure everything keeps moving smoothly.
  • Reduce stress levels – The stresses in life are building for many of us. Taking a walk reduces the stress hormones, giving you a much-needed boost. If you are having a difficult day at work, schedule in a walk over your lunchbreak. This will also make you more productive, you’ll be blitzing through your to do list.
  • Better balance – Probably the benefit that surprises people most, walking can improve your balance. If you choose to walk somewhere the ground is uneven, such as a woodland, your body will be having to adjust to the varying terrain. In doing so your body is making subtle changes to remain balanced.
  • Muscle Recovery – If you already do high impact exercise, a walk can help prevent muscle stiffness and injury. A cool down is important in helping remove lactic acid that builds while you are exercising. The ‘active’ cool down of walking will stimulate blood flow which will help your muscles recover.
  • Connect with friends – Why not consider a walk when you are next meeting friends? Or perhaps join a group to meet new people. Stories are often shared more openly when walking, building a deeper level of connection. Perhaps you or your friend are having a bit of a difficult time, a stroll together may give you the opportunity to open up and give your mental health a boost. You can always find somewhere with a good coffee shop to stop along the way, or a nice tearoom to finish your walk off with a cake.

Increasing your step count doesn’t have to become a new chore of your ‘healthy life’ checklist. Try to stand up every hour, move around a bit. Perhaps you have a shop nearby that you’d normally drive to, try taking a walk instead. Start small and see where you end up. Moving your body is key to remaining healthy.

Let us know how you get on!