Helping You Be Pain Free

Having a healthy, pain free body will make you feel better, move better, be happier, and get you back to doing the things you love!

We are passionate about helping you get to the root cause of your pain and making sure you stay in the best possible physical health at all stages in your recovery.

What you want most when you’re in pain is relief; we understand that and see it all the time! We can help with back pain, neck pain or joint pain, as well as headaches, migraines or sciatica and have a variety of treatment options to help get you back on track.

Oakfield Chiropractic

We specialise in helping health conscious, active people in Edinburgh get out of pain and back to doing the things they love.

Are you missing out on the hobbies you enjoy due to pain?
We can help by solving the underlying problem, and getting you stronger and healthier in the process. We can help with back pain, neck pain or joint pain, headaches, migraines or sciatica.





Neck Pain


Sports Injuries


Back Pain






Joint Pain

"I feel 10 years younger and much fitter. I highly recommend this team. "
- Susan, Edinburgh


"I highly recommend Angus as a chiropractor. I never believed that this treatment would work for me but it did. I am forever grateful to Angus for giving me my life back. I now live a life I thought had gone forever and just get "maintenance" to keep on top of my issues"
- Jamie, Livingston


"I have experienced a huge difference in my back, around 90% less pain daily! Very friendly and professional, I cannot recommend Oakfield highly enough, they have changed my life!"
- Robert, Edinburgh


"Nancy and Angus are great in their profession! Front of the house team are always welcoming too! Overall great experience and happy to recommend them any time!."
- Daniel, Edinburgh


"For the first time I felt like someone was listening to how much pain I was in and was able to offer some solutions to help get me out of it."
- Laura, Edinburgh


"One of the best things about Oakfield is that everyone who works there are just lovely people always happy for a chat, they are great with my 5 year who can get intimidated by medical places and even happy to dog sit while you have your treatment. Can't recommend this place enough and a big thanks to Angus, Nancy and the Team."
- Samantha, Edinburgh


"All in all, if you are considering chiropractic, I would 100% recommend this place in a heartbeat."
- Laura, Edinburgh