I’m passionate about improving people’s quality of life, one adjustment at a time! Too often we blame our age for our pain, when it’s really down to lifestyle, and other factors! I love re-setting those health values and helping patients live their best life!

From Patient to Chiropractor

Angus discovered chiropractic in his mid-twenties. He had earned a degree in International business and marketing and worked in London for the first part of his career.

Then after a riding accident that left his pelvis severely twisted, medical doctors had discussed surgery to correct the misalignment. Angus decided not to undergo surgery but instead went to a chiropractor. He was soon back in the saddle.

He became a long-term Chiropractic patient before deciding to join the profession himself. Angus gained his qualification in Wales and has been practicing since 2010. He holds post-doctorate qualifications in radiographic interpretation, medical dry needling, sports injury, and pregnancy and paediatric care.


Seeing Daily Results

Oakfield Chiropractic is for people in Edinburgh who really value their health! Although Chiropractic can often be the last option for many people, having tried medication, physical therapy or even surgery, they see a vast improvement with Chiropractic care. We are the right place for you:

If you want to live without those aches and pains that are holding you back, and don’t want to rely on pain killers to keep active.
You want expert attention and treatment with a clear goal to get better, a clear plan and honest opinion of how long it takes!

You don’t want to wait 12-16 weeks to be seen on the NHS to just get an exercise sheet.


You do want to get your social life, sex life and vitality back without painful problems, then it’s time to get in touch.

Our Chiropractor Angus has worked alongside GP’s, surgeons, and physiotherapists throughout his career. Having worked around the world, he is delighted to return home to Edinburgh. Outside of work, Angus enjoys watching rugby, photography, yoga and going to the gym, playing piano and clarinet.

"I feel 10 years younger and much fitter. I highly recommend this team. "
- Susan, Edinburgh


"I highly recommend Angus as a chiropractor. I never believed that this treatment would work for me but it did. I am forever grateful to Angus for giving me my life back. I now live a life I thought had gone forever and just get "maintenance" to keep on top of my issues"
- Jamie, Livingston


"I have experienced a huge difference in my back, around 90% less pain daily! Very friendly and professional, I cannot recommend Oakfield highly enough, they have changed my life!"
- Robert, Edinburgh


"Nancy and Angus are great in their profession! Front of the house team are always welcoming too! Overall great experience and happy to recommend them any time!."
- Daniel, Edinburgh


"For the first time I felt like someone was listening to how much pain I was in and was able to offer some solutions to help get me out of it."
- Laura, Edinburgh


"One of the best things about Oakfield is that everyone who works there are just lovely people always happy for a chat, they are great with my 5 year who can get intimidated by medical places and even happy to dog sit while you have your treatment. Can't recommend this place enough and a big thanks to Angus, Nancy and the Team."
- Samantha, Edinburgh


"All in all, if you are considering chiropractic, I would 100% recommend this place in a heartbeat."
- Laura, Edinburgh