Pain, Pain & More Pain : How to Describe Your Pain

Jul 13, 2023

Pain is subjective as each person experiences it differently. This often makes it difficult to describe your pain to your practitioner, but Cesar is here to help!

Practioner: Hello, Hola, Bonjour, welcome to our office, and thank you for filling in our new patient questionnaire. I noticed you left a blank question. How would you describe your pain today?

New client: Hello, well….ohhhh, hmmmm, it hurts!

Have you ever been in this situation at your appointment and noticed you could not think how to describe your pain? When it comes to pain, it is vital to describe the pain sensation accurately.

It is essential to remain present and focused on what you are feeling and be able to describe the feelings in detail. Here are some common ways to express when you are in pain:

  • Burning: feels very hot and painful at the touch.
  • Sharp: it feels like an unbearable pain.
  • Aching: it feels mild and local to an area.
  • Dull: it feels low-level discomfort in an area.
  • Stabbing: it feels as a sudden intense drilling pain.
  • Radiating: It feels as an deep traveling pain to another location.
  • Throbbing: it feels a recurring achy pain.
  • Cramping: it feels as intense spasms.
  • Shooting: it feels like a sudden sharp electric shock.
  • Pins/needles: it feels like numbness and tingling.

Your practitioner will then use this information to diagnose accurately and determine the best possible treatment for you. From your first consultation to your last treatment, your Oakfield Chiropractic specialist team will help you manage your pain with care. We hope this information is helpful next time you are asked to describe your pain. Let’s start to get your pain under control! Call us on 0131 259 4537 to schedule your appointment, or book online.