Hydration: Why is it important?

May 3, 2023

We all know staying hydrated is good for our health, I mean we have talked it about it in various other blogs and in social media posts. But what are the main benefits to staying hydrated?

  • Muscle & Joint Health

Proper hydration assists in keeping your joints well lubricated, which allows them to function properly. It also allows your muscles to contract properly, which is essential for day-to-day movement and especially essential for those who enjoy fitness and playing sport!

  • Removal of Toxins

Good hydration has a role in helping our kidneys filter and process the waste from our blood. Keeping hydration levels optimal allows your kidneys to do their job to flush out toxins to the best of their ability.

  • Increased Brain Function

Dehydration can cause changes to our mood, concentration levels and memory. It can also cause headaches, fatigue and anxiety, so to keep the brain working at optimal performance level we need to keep hydrated.

  • Cardiovascular Health

Proper hydration increases your blood volume and reduces the strain on your heart when circulating oxygen around the body, which can help to reduce the chance of heart conditions arising.


So now we know the benefit of staying hydrated, how much should we actually be drinking?!


The recommendation for the average person is 1.5-2L per day. This isn’t set in stone and can alter for children (who do not drink as much), during pregnancy and for athletes when additional water is required.

The best thing to do is to get into the habit of drinking water consistently through the day – always have your water bottle in your bag and if you are struggling you can get the water bottles that have time goals on the design to help keep you on track!

So fill up that bottle, drink consistently throughout the day and your body will thank you!