Massage During Pregnancy

Apr 14, 2023

We are now offering Pregnancy massage here at Oakfield – a 90minute appointment with our lovely Nancy. Nancy is fully qualified in pregnancy massage and has some information to share with you about the wonderful benefits for expectant mothers!

There are a number of benefits to pregnancy massage, but the main ones are that it promotes relaxation and calm by boosting blood circulation, which in turn helps lower cortisol production in expectant mums, which of course aids in lowering the risk of premature labour.

This promotion of blood flow also helps with reducing the load on the nerves and joints of the body and can help reduce stress. When an expectant mum comes for a pregnancy massage their comfort is paramount, and Nancy works to create a relaxing, positive atmosphere to help put mum at ease whilst also letting her fully relax, so the massage can be beneficial for improving sleep quality and reduces some of the lymphatic swelling associated with pregnancy too.

To reap these benefits, get booked in for a Pregnancy massage with Nancy today!