What Is A Spinal Disc?

Oct 10, 2022


What is a spinal disc?

Spinal discs play an important role in the back; serving as a shock absorber between each vertebrae, supporting the bodies weight, and allowing a wide range of movement.
Each disc has a soft, jelly-like centre which is encased in a tougher, layered rubbery exterior.


Injuries to your discs:

Discs show signs of wear and tear with age, and we can see some spinal disc injuries, such as a herniated disc.

A herniated disc is a type of injury where the rubbery layers becoming weakened or torn and some of the centre can leak outwards. This can sometimes be painless, but usually begins to create problems by causing instability, weakness, stiffness leading to pain in the back, and possibly referred pain or nerve symptoms into the arms or legs.


How to look after your discs:

While injuries do happen and sometimes there’s nothing that could be done to prevent them, these tips will; help to help keep your discs healthy.


  1. Keep hydrated and avoid smoking.
  2. Avoid sitting for long periods (more then 20-30 min), move regularly and keep active.
  3. Sleep lying on your back or side, as straight as possible on a good, supportive mattress.
  4. Keep your core, Pelvic and Hip muscles strong.
  5. Wear good quality, supportive footwear.
  6. Regular therapists treatments, such as chiropractic and/or massage to keep your back moving freely and without restrictions.